Rod Costa CV



Starts shooting with his father’s videocamera at 13


– Starts photographing at University in Photojournalism classes


– Communication (Journalism) Degree at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

– Director of Short-metrage “Palco da Fúria” shown at Mostra de Video ’00 in Videoteca Municipal de Lisboa

– Extra at italian long-metrage movie: “Alla Rivoluzione sulla due Cavalli”


– Photography course in Macrozoom -Porto


– Cameraman of touristic DVD “Tours in Oporto”


– Photography Course of Lab techniques organized by IPJ Porto

– Collective Photography exhibition: Foto-Síntese at IPJ Porto

– Joint Director of short-metrage “Ludovico discovers the essence”  – Casa da Animação


– Individual Photography exhibition “Deambulações” at Jardins Santa Luzia

– Collective photography exhibition at Centro Edmundo Bettencourt

– Collective photography exhibition at Centro Cultural Santa Cruz

– Photography course Oficina da Imagem – Funchal


– Joint Exhibition “B.B” at Galeria Mouraria

– Collective Exhibition “Colectiva Madeira e Porto Santo V” at Galeria Mouraria

– Photograph “RodSuomen” published in magazine Fiesta


– Individual Exhibition “Analogikas Antagonikas” at Galeria Mouraria

– Photograph: “Cromatismo Enérgico” published at “Super Foto Prática” (nr 117) magazine

– Collective photography exhibition at “Chega de Saudade” Bar


– Individual exhibition “Multi-FX” at Átrio da Câmara Municipal do Funchal

– Collective Photography exhibition “RGB” at Galeria Mouraria

– Collective Photography exhibition at Atelier Patrícia Pinto, Funchal

– photograph: “Woman in Red” published at “ Foto Plus”  (nr 15) magazine

– photograph: “Talking with a…Look”  published at “Foto Digital” (nr 70)  magazine

– Published in the book “Olhares” with photo: Energy Colours

– Collective Exhibition at Sneakers Delight store , Funchal

– 1.Prize of Fnac Funchal Photography contest “On Fusion Porto Bay” including exhibition at Madeira Shopping

– Photographs: “All along the Lines” and “GhostMe” published in Foto Digital magazine (nr 73)


– Photograph “Roots of my city” published in DP magazine (nr9)

– 1.Prize of photography contest “Identidade” organized by Areal Dourado

– One of the authors in anthology photography book (with 3 photos): “Essência e Memória” edited by Chiado Editora

– Collective exhibition “III Bienal do Porto Santo”

– Collective exhibition “Summer Season”- at Galeria Mouraria

– Jury in photography competition “Fnac em São Vicente”

– Photograph: “T0ihusgaten”  published in Mundo da Fotografia Digital magazine (nr.55)

– Photograph: “T0ihusgaten” published in DP magazine (nr 18)

– Co-author in photography book “Essência e Memória Vol. II” – ChiadoEditora


– Photo-Report about the Madeira 2010 Storm published in Daily Newspaper “Cidade”

– Photo-Report about the Madeira 2010 Storm published in Portuguese-American Newspaper “O Jornal”

– Photos about Madeira 2010 shown in national tv  channel TVI

– Photograph “La Discussion” published in Zoom magazine

– Collective exhibition in Dolce Vita shopping

– Collective exhibition in “Sneakers Delight” store

– Co-author in anthology book: “Essência e Memória – Vol. III” – Chiado Editora


– Photograph “An existentialist afternoon” published in magazine “O mundo da fotografia digital”

–  photographs published in “What’s on Oslo” – Oslo city guide by visitoslo

– photographs displayed in Norway official tourism website (

– 4 photographs published in “Scan” magazine – Scandinavia magazine

– Collective exhibition: “Pequeno Formato” at Galeria Mouraria


– 1.Prize of Photography Contest “III Concurso Fotografia Ribeira  Brava  FotoCultura”

– photographs published in “What’s on Oslo” – Oslo city guide by Oslo


– Photograph “Unplugged Red” published in “Super Foto Prática”

– Photograph “Solitude” – published in magazine “Zoom

– Photograph published in book “OSL: Fifteen years and beyond”, Brand Aviation, 2013


   – 2 Postcards published with 3 photos from Oslo by Normann Kunstforlag (A-977,A-980)


– Photograph “Nordic Scenery” published in french PHOTO mag. Special Amateurs 514

– Photograph “Nordic Scenery” published in magazine Zoom nr.23

– Group exhibition with “Sete Samurais da Fotografia”  at Armazém do Mercado


– Solo exhibition “Madeiran Dream” at Biblioteca Municipal do Funchal

– Group exhibition with “Sete Samurais da Fotografia”  at Hostel Santa Maria


– 1. prize in Febuary issue – winter challenge in magazine “Mundo da Fotografia Digital” nr. 142 with photo “Unshakable”

– Photograph “Cyclical fades” published in Mundo da Fotografia Digital nr. 143

– 1. Prize in Photography Competition of Santa Maria Maior, Funchal


– Photograph “Blue and White” published in magazine Zoom nr.33

-Group exhibition with “Sete Samurais da Fotografia” at Teatro Muncipal Baltazar Dias